International Athletes Men

NameCountry/Year of BirthBest Time
Eliud KipchogeKEN/1984 59:25

Eliud Kipchoge came to prominence in 2003 by winning the junior race at the IAAF World Cross Country Championships, setting a world junior record over 5000m on the track and then becoming world champion at the 2003 World Championships in Athletics. An Olympic 5000 m bronze for Kenya followed at the 2004 Athens Olympics and he took another bronze at the 2006 IAAF World Indoor Championships. A series of silver medals came, starting at the 2007 World Championships in Athletics before another runner-up placing at the 2008 Summer Olympics. He was fifth at the 2009 World Championships but again reached the podium at the 2010 Commonwealth Games; he was second behind Moses Kipsiro in both the 5000 m and 10,000 meters.

In 2012 he made his first steps towards marathon running by making his half marathon debut in Lille,running 59:25. His marathon debut followed a few months later in Hamburg, where he won in a new course record of 2:05:30. His second marathon was at the fast course of Berlin, where he improved his time to 2:04:05. In 2014 Eliud continued winning races, by winning Rotterdam and Chicago marathon. He also won the prestigious London marathon twice. In 2015 he beat Kipsang and Kimetto and won year later he ran the second fastest marathon ever clocking 2:03:05, only 8 seconds abovethe World Record. Only a few months later he claimed the Olympic gold medal in Rio de Janeiro.

2016Olympic Games Marathon 1st2:08:44
2016London Marathon1st2:03:05
2015Berlin Marathon1st2:03:05
2015London Marathon1st2:04:42
2014Chicago Marathon 1st2:04:11
2014Rotterdam Marathon1st2:05:00
2013Hamburg Marathon1st2:05:30
2012Lille Half Marathon 3rd59:25
2010Commonwealth Games 5000m 2nd13:31.32
2008Olympic Games 5000m 2nd13:02.80
2007World Championships 5000m2nd13:46.00
2007World Championships 10.000m2nd26:49.02
2006World Indoor Championships 3000m 3rd7:42.58
2004Olympic Games 5000m3rd13:15.10
2003World Championships 5000m1st12:52.79
Yigrem Demelash ETH/199459:49

Yigrem Demelash came into notice at the 2011 Great Ethiopian Run in Addis Ababa. He finished second in a field full of international top athletes. In 2012 Yigrem represented Ethiopia at the World Junior Championships in Barcelona. He started as one of the favorites in the 10.000m and he won this race with a eight seconds margin over the silver medalist and a 14 seconds margin over the bronze medalist. In the last meeting of the summer season, the Diamond League in Brussels, he ran a new personal best and Ethiopian junior record in the 10.000m by running 26:57.56. He made his first steps towards road races in the Netherlands in 2014. He finished second in a very competitive 15km road race in the Netherlands. He made his half marathon debut in 2016 and clocked a fast 59:49 in Venlo. A few months later he set a world leading performance of 26:51.11 at the Ethiopian trials and qualified for the Olympic Games. There, he just missed the bronze medal by 0.01 as he was outsprinted by Tamirat Tola.

2016Olympic Games 10.000m4th27:06.27
2016Ethiopian Trials 10.000m1st26:51.11
2016Venlo Half Marathon 3rd59:49
2014Seven hills race 15k2nd42:26
2013Sollentuna 10.000m4th27:15.51
2012Diamond League Brussels4th26:57.56 (NJR)
2012World Junior Championships 10.000m1st28:16.07
2012Diamond League Oslo8th13:03.30
Leonard KorirUSA/198661:06

Kenyan born Leonard Korir moved to the United States to study Political Science at the Iona College in 2009. Once he got used to the American college life, he turned out to be a good athlete. He won his first NCAA indoor title in 2011, by winning the 5000m in a new Iona Record. Only a few months later he won his second NCAA title by winning the 10.000m. After graduating Leonard Korir moved to Colorado Springs to join the American Distance Project to train under coach Scott Simmons. He used to focus on track races but he made his half marathon debut in 2014. The 2015 season started of great of Leonard with a victory in the NYC Half Marathon. Later on in 2015, Leonard decided to join the army and applied for American citizenship. This year he already represented his new country at the Olympic Games and he won the USA 20k championships.

2016USA 20k Championships1st59:15
2016Olympic Games 10.000m14th28:35.65
2015New York Half Marathon1st61:06
2014Boston B.A.A. Half Marathon3rd61:51
2013New York Half Marathon4th61:19
2011NCAA 10.000m1st28:07.63
2011NCAA Indoor Championships 5000m1st13:26.01
Gladwin MzaziRSA/198861:12

South African Gladwin Mzazi was born in the province of Eastern Cape. He currently lives in Pretoria where he combines his training with a Sport Management study at Tshwana University of Technology. Gladwin is a two time winner of the Universiade and a two timer SA champion in the 5000m.

2016Cape Town 10k3rd29:09
2015South African university championship 10.000m2nd27:56.90
2015Durban 10k2nd28:44
2014Cape Town 10k1st28:22
2014Prague Half Marathon12th61:55
2013New Delhi Half Marathon7th61:12
2013Universiade Half Marathon1st63:37
2012World Championships Half Marathon18th63:46
2012South African Champs Half Marathon3rd61:38
2009Universiade 10.000m1st28:21.44
Jackson KipropUGA/198662:05

Jackson Kiprop came into the spotlights in India in 2013. He started the Mumbai marathon as a pace maker but finished the race and won in a new course record of 2:09:32. He ran his second marathon at the World Championships in Moscow where he helped his teammate Stephen Kiprotich during the race. Stephen won gold, and Jackson finished in tenth position. In 2014 Jackson did not compete in any race as he was suffering from an infection and he could not train for months. But in 2015 he returned to racing and finished as 10th at the World Championships.

2016Mumbai Marathon8th2:14:54
2015Delhi Half Marathon14th62:30
2015World Championships Beijing10th2:15:15
2015Ribarroja Half Marathon1st63:12
2013New York Marathon7th2:10:56
2013World Championships Moscow10th2:12:12
2013Göteborg Half Marathon1st63:13
2013Mumbai Marathon1st2:09:32
2012World Half Marathon Championships7th62:05
2012Hyderabad 10k3rd28:16
Paul PollockIRE/198662:09

Paul Pollock starts to run at the age of 17 and he represents Northern Ireland at various championships; World XC Junior, Euro XC Junior and the Commonwealth Youth Games. He keeps on running socially during his medical study as it gives him a distraction from the medical books. During his first year as a doctor, he realizes he could make the Olympic team if he would put his mind to it and he decides to pursue his dream. His medical trust allows him to take a year off, he phones Andy Hobdell and a coach is found. After six months of training, he develops a serious knee injury and needs surgery. His Olympic dream seems very far away and Paul returns to full time medical work in August 2012. He recovers better than expected from the surgery and he plans to make his marathon debut in Dublin 2012. He finishes after 2 hours and 16 minutes and qualifies for the World Championships in Moscow. One week before the World Championships he stops working fulltime as a doctor and finishes 21st in Moscow. After the World Championships he moves to Teddington to be closer to his coach and training group. His move pays off as he improves his personal bests from 3.000m to marathon. In 2014 he runs an impressive 62:09 at the World Half Marathon Championships. At the 2015 Berlin marathon he runs the qualifying time for the Olympics, and his dream of representing Northern Ireland at the Olympics comes true. This year he already represented Northern Ireland at the World Half Marathon Championships in Cardiff where he finished a superb 14th. Mo Farah was the only European to finish ahead of Paul.

2016World Half Marathon Championships14th62:46
2015Berlin Marathon15th2:15.38
2015Irish Half Marathon Championships1st65:09
2014World Half Marathon Championships30th62:09
2013World Championships21st2:16:42
2013London Marathon13th2:17:10
2012Dublin Marathon9th2:16:30
Sibusiso NzimaRSA/198662:10

Sibusiso Nzima lives and trains in Johannesburg and is coached by former top athlete Hendrick Ramaala. He represents the Nedbank Running club in South Africa. He has won his first national title at the 2008 South African 10k championships. His international athletics career started in 2009 where he competed in the etherlands. In the following years he has won silver and bronze medals at various national championship races.

Sibusiso Nzima decided to make his marathon debut in the 2013 Hamburg Marathon where he finished in 6th position and made the South African team for the World Championships in Moscow. In 2016 he improved his personal best to 2:11:43 by finishing 4th in Seville marathon.

2016Seville marathon4th2:11:43
2015Düsseldorf Marathon3rd2:16.35
2013Hamburg Marathon6th2:13:42
2012Mossel Bay Half Marathon1st62:33
2011South African 10.000m Championships2nd28:31:51
2010South African Half Marathon Championships2nd62:10
2008South African Championships 10k1st28:52
Alphonce Felix SimbuTAN/199262:58

Tanzania is known to have produced strong long distance runners over the years and Alphonce is their new rising start. The young Tanzanian has little international experience, the same goes for marathon which Olympics was just his 5th marathon. Running conservatively the first half crossing 24th moving up to 11th at 35km finishing 5th in the end, the best ever performance by a Tanzanian in the Olympic Marathon. Alphonce only run a small number of half marathons Nanning in 2013 being his last international half marathon it may be expected that the rising star of Tanzanian athletics will improve his personal best by a big margin in Delhi.

2016Olympic Games Marathon5th2:11:15
2016Lake Biwa Marathon3rd2:09.19
2015World Championships Marathon12th2:16:58
2015Gold Coast Marathon6th2:12:01
2015World Championships Cross48th
2013Nanning Half Marathon4th62:58
2011All African Games Maputo 10.000m8th29:58:20
Augustine ChogeKEN/198763:24

Augustine Choge has a very impressive track career so far, he has won medals at both the 2016 and 2012 World Indoor Championships in the 3000m distance. He also is the 2006 Commonwealth Games champion in the 5000m. Augustine is now moving up to the road races and made his debut in the half marathon this year in Philadelphia, where he won the race. Augustine comes from Kaptagat in Kenya where he runs for the police. He comes from the same area where Eliud Kipchoge trains.

2016Philadelphia Half Marathon1st63:24
2016World Indoor Championships 3000m3rd7:57.43
2014Carlsbad 5k3rd13:22
2012World Indoor Championships 3000m2nd7:41:77
2011Stuttgart Indoor 3000m2nd7:28:00
2011Birmingham Indoor 1500m1st3:33:23
2006Commonwealth Games 5000m1st12:56:41
2005Diamond League Rome4th12:53:66
2004World Junior Championships 5000m1st13:28:93
David McNeillAUS/1986debut

David McNeill got in touch with athletics in college, the Xiavier college has a long tradition in athletics. Since a young age, he mainly focused on track races. He represented Australia at the 2012 and 2016 Summer Olympics. He also competed in the NCAA in the USA and won the prestigious NCAA title in 2010. He still trains in the USA most of the year. McNeill is a self-proclaimed foodie and cooking enthusiast and has been vegetarian most of his life.

2016Olympic Games 10.000m16th27:51:71
2016Great Manchester Run3rd28:39
2015Payton Jordan Invitational 10.000m4th27:45:01
2012Heusden 5000m7th13:18:60
2010NCAA Championships 5000m1st13:44:81
2010Commonwealth Games Delhi 5000m8th13:47:40
2009World Championships 10.000m24th29:18:59

International Athletes Women

Peres JepchirchirKEN/199366:39

The reigning World Champion half marathon and this year’s winner of the TCS World 10k Bangalore will make her Delhi debut this year. Peres won the World half marathon Championships earlier this year where she beat last year’s Delhi winner Cynthia Limo on the final straight. Peres Jepchirchir focused on cross country before moving to the roads. Her breakthrough came in 2014 at the Kenyan Cross Country Championships where she finished second. In 2015, she improved her personal best on the roads to 30:55 over 10km and 67:17 for the half marathon. Peres hopes to become a good marathon athlete in in the future.

2016Usti Half Marathon1st67:24
2016Ottawa 10k1st31:29
2016Bangalore 10k1st32:15
2016World Half Marathon Championship1st67:31
2016RAK Half Marathon4th66:39
2015Prague 10k1st30:15
2015Usti Half Marathon1st67:17
2014Houilles 10k1st31:14
Worknesh DegefaETH/199066:14

Worknesh Degefa is specialized in the half marathon and is very competitive over this distance. She has been running 22 half marathon in the past four years, and finished 15 times in top three position. She set her personal best of 66:14 this year in Prague. It will be her first appearance in Delhi and she hopes to break her personal best of the fast course of Delhi.

2016Prague Half Marathon2nd66:14
2016Rome-Ostia Half Marathon1st67:08
2015All-Africa Games Half Marathon2nd72:42
2015Prague Half Marathon1st67:14
2015Göteborg Half Marathon1st68:13
2014Lisbon Half Marathon1st68:46
2014Göteborg Half Marathon1st70:12
2013Rome-Ostia Half Marathon3rd67:49
2013Yangzhou Half Marathon1st68:43
2009Universiade 10.000m1st28:21.44
Mary WaceraKEN/198866:29

Mary Wacera is a strong road racer and has competed in many half marathon and 10km races. He has represented Kenya at the 2014 and 2016 World Half Marathon Championships, winning respectively a silver and a bronze medal. This year started very good for Mary as she has run the fastest half-marathon ever on US soil (66:29 at Houston). More recently she successfully defended her title at the Boston half marathon.

2016Boston Half Marathon1st70:19
2016World Half Marathon Championships3rd67:54
2016San Juan 10k1st31:49
2016Houston Half Marathon1st66:29
2015Boston Half Marathon1st70:21
2014World Half Marathon Championships2nd67:43
2014San Juan 10k1st32:06
2012Montereau 10km1st31:28
2006World Junior Championships 5000m3rd15:36:82
Gladys ChesirKEN/199466:57

Gladys Chesir is a cheerful athlete who trains and lives in Iten in Kenya. She is coached by former Dutch marathon athlete Hugo van den Broek. Gladys has made huge progressions since she decided to make the move to road racing. She is making progression every year. In 2015 she ran a world leading time of 30:41 at the 10k in Berlin. She also improved her personal best in Delhi half marathon in November but she knew she could go even faster. Early 2016, she traveled to RAK and lowered her personal best with more than 90 seconds again. Because of her strong performance there, the Kenyan federation selected her for the world half marathon championships, where she finished sixth.

2016Tilburg Ladies 10k2nd31:58
2016World Half Marathon Championships6th68:46
2016RAK Half Marathon5th66:57
2015Delhi Half Marathon3rd68:36
2015Berlin 10k1st30:41
2015All-Africa Games 10.000m2nd31:36.87
2015Kenyan 10.000m Championships3rd32:10.61
2015TCS World 10k Bangalore3rd32:12
2015Yangzhou Half Marathon6th69:17
2014Seven hills race 15k3rd48:43
2010Youth Olympic Games 3000m1st9:13.58
Netsanet GudetaETH/199167:31

Netsanet made her breakthrough in 2013 by winning the competitive Great Ethiopian Run. A few months later she made her half marathon debut and she was chosen to represent Ethiopia at the World Half Marathon Championships where she won the silver team medal. Last year she got another chance to represent her country at the World Cross Country Championships, where she took the third place.

2016Ethiopian Trials 10.000m4th30:36.75
2016World Half Marathon Championships4th68:01
2015Valencia Half Marathon1st67:31
2015Tout Rennes Court 10k1st15:22
2015Ethiopian 10.000m trials6th31:06.53
2015World Cross Country Championships3rd
2014TCS World 10k Bangalore6th
2014World Half Marathon Championships6th68:45
2013Great Ethiopian Run1st33:24
Helah KipropKEN/198567:39

Helah Kiprop is well-known in India, she was the TCS World 10k Champion in 2012 and she won Cochin Half Marathon in 2013. She is an all-round athlete, holding personal best of 31:44 for 10k, 67:39 for half marathon and 2:24:03 in the marathon. Last year she won the silver medal at the World Marathon Championships in Beijing. Early this year she won the prestigious Tokyo marathon.

2016Tokyo Marathon1st2:21:27
2015World Championships Marathon2nd2:27:36
2015Istanbul Half Marathon2nd68:23
2015Tokyo Marathon2nd2:24:03
2014Seoul International Marathon1st2:27:29
2014RAK Half Marathon4th68:36
2013TCS World 10k Bangalore6th32:26
2013Cochin Half Marathon1st71:54
2013Berlin Half Marathon1st67:54
2012TCS Bangalore 10k1st32:22
Valeria StraneoITA/197667:46

The career of Valeria Straneo started late at the age of 35, after giving birth to two sons. She ran an Italian record in the 2012 Rotterdam marathon and qualified for the Olympic Games. At the Olympics in London she finished as number eight. One year later, she won the silver marathon medal at the World Championships in Moscow. She won the same medal at the 2014 European Championships. This year she made the Italian team for the Olympics again and finished as 13th.

2016Olympic Games marathon13th2:29:44
2014European Championships marathon2nd2:25:27
2014World Championships half marathon8th68:54
2013World Championships marathon2nd2:25:58
2014Lisbon Half Marathon1st69:23
2012Olympic Games marathon7th2:25:27
2012Rotterdam Marathon2nd2:23:44
2012Rome Ostia Half Marathon4th67:46
Rose ChelimoBRN/198968:08

Rose Chelimo has been clocking fast times over the past few years. She has won races like Lisbon and Valencia half marathon. This year she made her marathon debut and won her debut marathon in Seoul. She qualified for the Olympic Games and represented Bahrain in the marathon. She finished in eight position.

2016Olympic Games marathon8th2:27:36
2016Bangalore 10k5th32:54
2016Seoul Marathon1st2:24:14
2016RAK Half Marathon9th68:08
2015Lisbon Half Marathon1st68:22
2015Valencia Half Marathon1st68:54
2014Hamburg 10k1st32:05
Afera GodfayETH/199168:32

Afera Godfay will travel with confidence to Delhi as she improved her personal best in half marathon in September 2016, by finishing third in Usti. She also ran a new personal best over 10km in September.

2016Usti Half Marathon3rd68:32
2016Prague 10km3rd31:49
2015Prague Half Marathon5th69:51
2015Paris Half Marathon2nd70:08
2014Prague Half Marathon5th69:52
2013Sollentuna 10.000m2nd31:08.23
2012Houilles 10km2nd31:52
Ababel YeshanehETH/199169:36

Ababel Yeshaneh is an allround athlete who combines track and road races. She has represented Ethiopia at the 2013 World Championships in the 10.000m and at the 2016 Olympic Games in the 5000m. Early this year she set a personal best over the half marathon distance in Turkey where she ran 69:36.

2016Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro14th15:18.26
2016Diamond League Rabat5th14:41.58
2016Adana Half Marathon1st69:36
2015Doha Half Marathon1st71:11
2014Lisbon Half Marathon4th72:11
2013World Championships 10.000m9th32:02.09
2013Ostrava 10.000m4th30:35.91
2011Milano Stramilano1st69:54
Gelete BurkaETH/198675:38

Gelete Burka is a well-known athlete in track & field. She has represented Ethiopia at two Olympic Games, two World Championships and three World Indoor Championships, and has won four medals. She became the World Indoor Champion over 1500m in 2008, and won bronze at the 2010 and 2012 World Indoor Championships in respectively the 1500m and 3000m. In 2015 she won the silver medal at the World Championships 10.000m in Beijing. Gelete Burka also won two gold medal at the World Cross Country Championships in 2005 (junior race) and 2006. At the moment, Gelete combines track competitions with road races. She has run three marathons so far and has a personal best of 2:26 which she ran in Houston in 2014. So far, she has only run one half marathon (finishing third in Bogota in 2014) and is looking forward to a fast half marathon in Delhi.

2016Olympic Games 10.000m8th30:26.66
2015World Championships 10.000m2nd31:41.77
2012San Silvestre Vallecana 10k1st30:53
2012Olympic Games 5000m5th15:10.66
2012World Indoor Championships 3000m3rd8:40.18
2010World Indoor Championships 1500m3rd4:08.39
2008World Indoor Championships 1500m1st3:59.75
2006World Cross Country Championships1st
Alemitu HeroyeETH/1995debut

Alemitu Heroye has only competed on the track so far and will make her road racing debut in Delhi. She came into prominence at the world cross country championships in 2013, where she won the bronze medal in the junior race. One year later she became world junior champion in the 5000m.

2016Diamond Leauge Rabat6th14:43.58
2015World Championships Beijing 10.000m7th31:49.73
2015Trials Hengelo 10.000m2nd30:50.83
2015Diamond League Shanghai 5000m4th14:43.28
2014World Junior Championships 5000m1st15:10.08
2013World XC Championships Junior3rd