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Kenenisa Bekele is a legend in his sport as he has won over 21 Olympic and World Champion titles and broke 6 senior world records in a front line career of more than eight years, Bekele has won gold at the 10.000m in four straight World Championships. He won double Olympic Gold in Beijing in the 5.000m and 10.000m and repeated that at the Berlin World Championships. Furthermore, he is the first ever and only athlete to be world indoor- and outdoor, world cross and Olympic champion. Kenenisa has set his first steps towards marathon running in 2013 by winning the Great North Run in a time of 60:09 and beating Mo Farah and Haile Gebrselassie.`

2014 Chicago Marathon 4th 2:05:51
2014 Paris Marathon 1st 2:05:03
2013 Great North Run Half Marathon 1st 60:09
2009 World Championships 10.000m 1st 26:46.31
2009 World Championships 5000m 1st 13:17.09
2008 Olympic Games 10.000m 1st 27:01.17
2008 Olympic Games 5000m 1st 12:57.82
2007 World Championships 10.000m 1st 27:05.90
2005 Diamond League Brussels 10.000m 1st 26:17.53 WR
2005 World Championships 10.000m 1st 27:08.33
2004 Olympic Games 10.000m 1st 27:05.10
2004 FBK Games Hengelo 5000m 1st 12:37.35 WR
2004 Birmingham Indoor 5000m 1st 12:49.60 WR
2003 World Championships 10.000m 1st 26:49.57