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Registrations for all race categories are closed

Race Category (Distance) Minimum Age Eligibility
Half Marathon (21.097 km) 18 years (born on or before 22.11.1996)
DHL Corporate Champions (21.097 km)

The DHL Corporate Champions category is for teams of companies & firms. A company/organization/firm can field a team comprising of 3 runners for the DHL Corporate Champions, each team member covering a distance of 21.097 km. A company can field up to 5 teams (mixed teams allowed). The aggregate timing of all 3 runners will decide the team’s finish position in this category. Please go through DHL Corporate Champions rules and regulations and the prize money structure for corporate teams before submitting your entries. Information on how to apply is detailed under Entry Guidelines below.

18 years (born on or before 22.11.1996)
Great Delhi Run (6 km) 12 years (born on or before 22.11.2002)
Sr. Citizens’ Run (4 km) 60 years (born on or before 22.11.1954)
Champions with Disability (4 km)

Participation in the category Champions With Disability (CWD) is open for individuals with following disabilities: physical/locomotor disability, intellectual impairment, visual impairment, hearing impairment and orthopaedic or neurological disorder.

12 years (born on or before 22.11.2002)



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