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Your Race Timing

The Half Marathon and DHL Corporate Champions race categories are compulsory timed race at the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2014. The RFID Bib Tag will be used for timing purposes at the Event.

A ‘Bib Tag’ is a transponder,marked with a unique identification number. The ‘Bib Tag’ can be used under all weather conditions, wet and dry, cold and hot. The ‘Bib Tag’ starts to send its signal when it crosses various mats which are placed at the Start & Finish gates and at designated split points on the course. Your time at such points will be captured and duly recorded. This timing technology will be provided and managed by Timing Technologies India, the official distributor of the Mylaps Sports Timing System in India and Asia.

All confirmed half marathon and DHL Corporate Champions runners will get their RFID Bib Tag which is attached to their respective running numbers, from the Get Active Expo in New Delhi scheduled from 14th November 2014 to 16th November 2014.

It’s necessary for every participant of the Half Marathon and DHL Corporate Champions to collect his/her running number bib (with bib tag) from the Get Active Expo in person. Why?

  • Know how to wear your ‘Bib Tag’.
  • Understand the do’s and don’ts of your race and timing
  • Verify your information with us.

Please read the instructions given to you prior to using your bib and bib tag on race day. Each Bib Tag is specifically allocated to the running number of individual runners. DO NOT exchange your running number bib with another fellow runner nor try to remove the bib tag from your bib and hand it over to another fellow runner. Any interchange will amount to no timing and disqualification of your participation from the 2014 and 2015 editions of the Event.

Usage of multiple timing devices will not record your time and will amount to disqualification. Also please note you cannot use this ‘Bib Tag’ to time yourself at any other distance running event.

How does the ‘Bib Tag’ work?

On race day, just wear your running number with the ‘Bib Tag’. The Bib Tag is attached to the running bib number and sends out a unique signal. Detection mats are placed at the start and finish and intermediate time points. The mats serve as the system antennas and detect the signals sent out by the Bib Tags. Your time at such points is captured and duly recorded. Remember- you must wear your Bib which has been specifically allocated to you.

How to wear the ‘Bib Tag’?

  • Wear the bib number horizontally and visibly on the chest, NOT on your back.
  • Do not remove or cover the bib with anything including your jacket during your run. Always remember that the timing mat must see your bib when you are crossing it.
  • The ‘Bib Tag’ is stuck on the backside of your bib.
  • DO NOT fold or crumple your bib number or Bib Tag.
  • Use a pin in each corner of the number bib – ensure you DO NOT pierce the Tag.
  • DO NOT remove the foam spacer or tamper with the Bib Tag in any way.
  • DO NOT separate or remove the bib tag from the bib.

Timing Certificates

Timing certificates will be issued to participants of the Half Marathon and the DHL Corporate Champions categories within 21 working days after Race Day to those runners who fulfill the following criterion. The timing certificate certifies participation in the Event.

  • To those runners whose timing has been captured across all timing mats on the half marathon course, including the start and finish mats, and who cross the finish line within 3 hours for start times of respective race categories.

Timing certificates will be available for download from the event website within 21 working days after the race. Physical timing certificates will not be posted to individual runners.


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