The Corporate Cares fundraising category lends companies an opportunity on one hand to monetarily support an NGO of their choice and on the other hand to sponsor employee teams to participate in the Event.

Companies can choose from any of the NGOs listed with India Cares Foundation for the Event, to donate the amount contributed by them. If the company’s preferred NGO is not registered with India Cares Foundation, India Cares Foundation will assist the NGO in completing its registration formalities and thereby stand to benefit through its association with the Event.

At ADHM 2016, companies can choose to field Corporate Cares teams of following team strengths:

Team 10:
A company makes an upfront non-refundable contribution of Rs 125,000 in favour of chosen NGO and fields a team of upto 10 employees.
Team 25:
A company makes an upfront non-refundable contribution of Rs 250,000 in favour of chosen NGO and fields a team of upto 25 employees.
Team 40:
A company makes an upfront non-refundable contribution of Rs 350,000 in favour of chosen NGO and fields a team of upto 40 employees.
A company can field upto 7 additional employees within a team @ INR 7,000 per additional employee in favour of the chosen NGO.

The amounts above do not include the applicable event entry fees for individual team members. These need to pay additional basis the race categories chosen by individual team members.

Privileges for Corporate Cares teams:

  • Regular newsletters and pre race day communication from India Cares Foundation.

  • Meetings with team leaders to give Event updates, pledge raising tips, standardized presentations which they can use to motivate their team members (given on request).

  • Acknowledgement on India Cares Foundation’s website.

  • Special running number bibs for all Corporate Cares team members, with name of company mentioned on the bib.

  • Team members participating in all race categories will be hosted in a special Corporate Cares tent at the event venue on race day. Visibility for company and NGO supporting inside the Corporate Cares tent.

  • Relay of live telecast of the Event at the Corporate Cares tent.

  • MD or CEO of top 2 fund raising companies of ADHM 2014 will be hosted at the Grand Stand on race day to cheer their participating team, provided the company is participating at ADHM 2015.

  • Race day photographs for top 2 fund raising members in a Corporate Cares team (where captured by event’s official photographers, To be eligible for this, the team member must have raised a minimum of INR 5,000 for his/her chosen cause and such funds must have been submitted and reported to India Cares Foundation on or before 15th December 2015.

  • Team acknowledgement in the docket published post race day.

  • An invitation for 2 for the Charity Awards function (post event)to company’s top management whose employees have raised a minimum of INR 25,000 funds through the ADHM 2015.

  • Company name listed in the three day Get Active Expo at India Cares stall.

  • Company invited to the CSR Mela held as a part of meeting other Companies, the NGOs and their Projects to support and build relations through the year.

Registrations Process:

Process No. 1: Company registration

  • Fill the Corporate Cares registration form.

  • Choose the NGO/s the team wishes to support.

  • Issue a cheque of upfront contribution of Rs 125,000 or Rs 250,000 or Rs 350,000, as the case may be, drawn in favour of the chosen NGO or India Cares Foundation. Where cheque is drawn in favour of India Cares, India Cares shall disburse the amount to the beneficiary NGO after deducting 10% as contribution for support provided.

  • Submit the form along with the cheque at the India Cares Foundation office.

Process No. 2: Putting together a team

  • Once the company registration formalities are completed with India Cares Foundation (basis process no. 1 above), companies now need to start putting together their team of 10, 25 or 40 as the case may be.

  • In addition to the upfront contribution, the company will be required to submit a separate cheque in favour of “Procam International Pvt. Ltd. – ADHM” for the event participation fee of its team members. This will be one single cheque, consolidating entry fees of all team members, depending upon the race category chosen by each member.

  • The Key Facilitator will be the one point contact for India Cares to coordinate with for fund raising and race day information and activities.

  • Registration of individual team members will commence from 25th August and will close on 10th October 2016 through a link send by India Cares.

  • The Company SPOC will get two links from India Cares

    • One is for the SPOC to send to all employees – who will follow the link and complete their registrations at one go.

    • Second is for the SPOC to approve of the registered team members, choose a leader for the team and submit the team.

  • Once the team is submitted (on or before 10 Oct’16) an invoice will be sent to the SPOC for the run registration fee payment to Procam International Pvt. Ltd, on or before 10 November 2016 for the release of the running bibs to the runners.


NO Bibs will be handed over to the Corporate Cares team if complete Payment of Run registration fees have not been cleared at Procam International’s end.

Important Points:

  • All employees should register only through the link sent by the SPOC, else the system will ask for payments to be made for the registration.

  • Browser recommended for registrations is Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

  • Mandatory fields for runners to fill in the online registration form through the link are: photograph, photo id proof; date of birth, emergency contact number, etc. that are marked asterisk.

  • All Half Marathon runners will be required to collect their running numbers personally or authorise an individual to collect the running number on their behalf, from the Get Active Expo. In all circumstances, only one running number will be handed over to an individual.

  • All employees of a Corporate Cares team can download the fundraising guide from India Cares’ website

Contributions to India Cares’ for Management Support during the ADHM 2016

Funds raised at each level of the Charity Structure will attract contributions of the following amounts as India Care Foundation’s support and facilitation of the fundraisers, Companies & CSOs, for effective use of their time and efforts.

Where funds are directly received by the CSO, the applicable contributions need to be disbursed to India Cares Foundation on or before 10th November 2016.Where funds are received by India Cares on behalf of the beneficiary CSO, funds shall disbursed, post deducting the relevant amounts, to the respective CSOs by 25th December 2016.

a)For Team 10 of Corporate CaresINR 12,500
b)For Team 25 of Corporate CaresINR 25,000
c)For Team 40 of Corporate CaresINR 35,000
d)For all online funds raised using the India Cares payment gateway 5% per transaction will be retained and 95% will be disbursed to the NGO.