Official Philanthropy Partner

India Cares Foundation (‘India Cares’) believe NGOs contribute to building a more humane society

VISION: A strong and vibrant NGO community especially based on public support.

MISSION: To help build the humane society we all wish to live in, train NGOs to be vibrant, proactive and efficient and to enhance the quality of services, income and accountability of NGOs

We facilitate:
NGOs with public communications, building visibility, fundraising and accountability. We are ‘Philanthopy Partners’ for two big events… the TCS World 10k (Bengaluru) and the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon.

Companies to identify and undertake CSR activities with NGOs NGO engagement in India’s annual festival of giving ‘Daan Utsav’ in Bengaluru and DelhiAs a ‘friend’ we help NGOs and others wishing to engage with the sector and provide assistance in numerous ways!

Background: India Cares started in Bengaluru in the year 2000 with a small group of individuals coming together who wished to help NGOs build bridges with companies and the government. We first worked in and around Bengaluru as ‘Bangalore Cares’. In 2014 we changed our name to ‘India Cares Foundation’. We have begun to spread our activities in northern India. Since 2008 over 450 NGOs have associated with us and through us they have raised Rs 26.07 crore.

We have a year round approach in supporting NGOs

Approach on important Values: Cause neutral – we are open to all charitable causes; we do not promote a particular cause.

  • The choice of cause/charity to fund raise/support is given to the Donor/ Fundraiser. NGOs registered are working for Children, Women, Differently Abled, Environment, Arts, Sports, Elderly…Fundraisers can collect cheques in the name of the NGO being supported; Donors can directly donate to the chosen cause. NGOs are raising funds for specific impact so it is easy for a fundraiser to raise funds directly.

  • We believe the Donor-NGO connect being important to cement long term relationships & loyalties – It is our dream that people who donate get to know how they have brought about change – it could be a direct impact on an under privileged life, it could go for the teacher’s salary, it could be to start a new project…. NGOs would be happy to let the donor know the change being made.. this will help them together to keep building the NGO.

  • Over the years, we have had an honor system of reporting by NGOs, who raise funds and providing the utilisation reports for the funds raised. NGOs are happy that we believe in them, donors are happy that they can donate directly to the NGO, due to the reporting system set up, donations received can be verified, utilisation reports are made public, people are invited to visit the NGO, so the NGO is also responsible to the public… all it takes is a little belief about the ‘Good’ that’s happening.

We are a ‘Trust’ registered in Bangalore; with an active Board that is strongly connected to NGOs India Cares seeks to Support, Encourage and Promote the NGO Community through the international platform of Airtel Delhi Half Marathon since the NGO Sector as a vital element in building a humane society.