Recipe Corner

Perfect your diet with these delicious and healthy recipes. Satiate those taste buds and feed your run!

Kickstart your Mornings

Breakfast-the most important meal of the entire day for runners. The first meal to break your “fast” after a long night, thus, a vital form of gaining the required kick start by boosting your metabolism and enhancing your performance.

Here are some of the recipes to Kickstart your mornings. >>

Snacking the healthy way

Running a lot would eventually make you hungry every couple of hours. Snacking between meals is thus, vital for runners- as those extra nutrients and satiety are provided by healthy snacks-which are much needed for smoother performance.

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Loading up with Carbs

Carb-loading before a marathon is an excellent way to boost your body’s glycogen stores with a constant supply of energy.

Know more about how to carb-load efficiently with the recipes based on rice, whole wheat flour, banana, sweet potato and more. >>

Going the Vegan way

No more worrying of losing out on your nutrition, if you are going the vegan way. These recipes consist of dairy free options which are here to optimise your performance before the run and post the run! >>

Pumping up protein intake

Proteins are vital to up your marathon as they are required for effective repair of tissues and regain of muscle growth after those strenuous workouts.

Click here for some protein rich recipes. >>