Elite Athlete (Men) Airtel Delhi Half Marathon

Daniel Kipchumba

Daniel is part of the same training group as Eric Kiptanui under coach Renato Canova. Daniel paced Eric Kiptanui through 15km in Berlin Half Marathon at 58’ pace. He then got a chance himself to race the distance a couple of weeks later in Italy and managed to set the 4th fastest time of 2018. He proved to be stable by winning Copenhagen Half Marathon in September against a very competitive field again in 59:06.

year event rank time
2018 Copenhagen Half Marathon 1st 59:06
2018 Lago Maggiore Half Marathon 1st 59:06
2017 Kenyan Championships 3.000mst 6th 8:30.0
2017 Iten Cross Country 3rd -
2016 Kenyan Junior Championships 3.000mst 5th 8:37.9
Leul Gebresilase

Leul Gebresilase hailes from Awasa, a place about 300km south of Addis Abeba. He is married and became father of a baby boy 7 months ago. He started running in 2002(aged 10) and later moved to Ethiopia’s capital to become a better athlete. Leul, like many Ethiopian athletes, was inspired by fellow Ethiopian Kenenisa Bekele(“he is my hero”) to start running. Apart from running, Leul also likes to watch football.

year event rank time
2018 Dubai Marathon 2nd 2:04:02
2018 World Championships Half Marathon 10th 61:07
2017 Valencia Half Marathon 2nd 59:18
2017 Ottawa 10km 1st 28:43
2016 Herzogenaurach 10.000m 1st 27:19.71
2016 Ethiopian Olympic Trials 10.000m 6th 27:26.69
2015 All African Games 5.000m 2nd 13:22.13
2015 Ethiopian Trials World Champs 10.000m 7th 27:22.89
Moses Kurong

Moses started his career competing for the Police Club in Uganda on the track and cross country. He represented Uganda in ten international championships so far. In 2017 Moses committed to road racing and set the Ugandan record holder for Half Marathon. Moses lives and trains in Kapchorwa (Uganda). Moses was also one of the pacers for the NIKE Breaking 2 project.

year event rank time
2018 TCS Bengaluru 10km 8th 29:14
2018 Barcelona Half Marathon 3rd 60:10
2017 Copenhagen Half Marathon 6th 59:50 NR
2017 World Championships 10.000m 18th 27:50.71
2017 FBK Games Hengelo 10.000m 6th 27:22.33
2016 Tilburg Ten Miles 3rd 46:05
2016 Olympic Games 10.000m 22nd 28:03.38
2016 Gouden Spike Leiden 10.000m 2nd 27:27.43
2016 Africa Cross Championships 11th -
2013 African Junior Championships 10.000m 1st 28:31.8
2013 African Junior Championships 5.000m 3rd 13:56.39
2012 World Junior Championships 10.000m 5th 29:06.87
Amdework Walelegn

Earlier this year Amdework run a Turkish all comers record by being the first men to break the 1 hour barrier over the half marathon. The young up and coming Ethiopian talent made name by finishing 2 nd at the World Junior Cross last year in the Ugandan capital Kampala.

year event rank time
2018 Copenhagen Half Marathon 13th 60:37
2018 Istanbul Half Marathon 1st 59:50
2018 Riyadh Half Marathon 3rd 62:00
2018 Laredo 10KM 1st 27:37
2017 Sevenhillsrace 15KM 2nd 42:40
2017 World Junior Cross Championships 2nd -
2017 Barcelona 2nd 13:14
Andamlak Belihu

Andamlak trains under coach Gemedu in a very succesfull group. Among the athletes he trains with is Guye Adola the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon record holder and 2nd behind Eliud Kipchoge during the Berlin Marathon. Andamlak came to the international running scene impressing with stellar performances. He run the fastest time this year by a Junior over 10.000m. Andamlak made an impressive debut last year at the Delhi Half Marathon by finishing 2nd in a time under 1 hour.

year event rank time
2018 African Championships 10.000m 2nd 29:11.09
2018 Ottawa 10km 1st 27:48
2017 Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2nd 59:51
2017 World Championships 10.000m 10th 27:08.94 WJL
2017 FBK Games Hengelo 4th 27:20.57
2017 Ethiopian Championships 10.000m 1st 28:32.4 (A)
Leonard Korir

Kenyan born Leonard Korir moved to the United States to study Political Science at the Iona College in 2009. Once he got used to the American college life, he turned out to be a good athlete. He won his first NCAA indoor title in 2011, by winning the 5000m in a new Iona Record. Only a few months later he won his second NCAA title by winning the 10.000m. After graduating Leonard Korir moved to Colorado Springs to join the American Distance Project to train under coach Scott Simmons. He used to focus on track races but he made his half marathon debut in 2014. The 2015 season started of great of Leonard with a victory in the NYC Half Marathon. Later on in 2015, Leonard decided to join the army and applied for American citizenship. In 2016 he already represented his new country at the Olympic Games and he won the USA 20k championships. Leonard started 2017 in great form by winning Houston Half Marathon. He continued winning, by taking victories at the USA half marathon championships, Peachtree road races, Jacksonville Gate River Run and a second place at the USA 20k Championships. He also placed 13th at the World Championships 10,000m. Last year Leonard came close to the US Record for half marathon running his 59.52 PB in Delhi.

year event rank time
2018 USA 15km Championships 1st 43:07
2018 USA 20km Championships 1st -
2018 USA Cross Championships 1st -
2017 Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 3rd 59:52
2017 USA Half Marathon Championships 1st 63:04
2017 Houston Half Marathon 1st 61:14
2016 USA 20k Championships 1st 59:15
2016 Olympic Games 10,000m 14th 28:35.65
2015 New York Half Marathon 1st 61:06
2014 Boston B.A.A. Half Marathon 3rd 61:51
2017 Houston Half Marathon 1st 61:14
2013 New York Half Marathon 4th 61:19
2011 NCAA 10.000m 1st 28:07.63
2011 NCAA Indoor Championships 5000m 1st 13:26.01
Emmanuel Bett

In 2011 and 2012 Emmanuel surprised by running 26’ for 10.000m. Despite the very fast clocking he never had the chance to represent Kenya in one of the major championships. In the last year he has had some niggles and he recorded a DNF in the Chicago Marathon 2017. This month however he showed a good comeback by finishing 4th in the highly competitive Eldoret Half Marathon.

year event rank time
2018 Eldoret Half Marathon 4th 62:33
2016 Great North Run Half Marathon 3rd 61:22
2016 Eugene Diamond League 10.000m 18th 27:53,05
2016 Azkoitia Azpeitia Half Marathon 1st 61:47
2015 Great South Run 10EM 3rd 46:11
2015 Eugene Diamond League 10.000m 6th 27:22.34
2015 Azkoitia Azpeitia Half Marathon 1st 60:08
2014 Great Birmingham Run Half Marathon 2nd 62:33
2014 Kenyan Championships 10.000m 6th 28:10.5
2014 Eugene Diamond League 10.000m 5th 27:21.61
2013 Corrida de Houilles 10km 3rd 28:07
2013 Great South Run 10EM 1st 48:03
2013 Kenyan Trials World Championships 10.000m 4th 27:43.27
2012 Brussels Diamond League 10.000m 1st 26:51.16
2011 Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 12th 62:10
2011 Brussels Diamond League 10.000m 4th 26:51.95
Abdallah Mande

Abdallah Mande surprised everyone in 2013 by winning the Ugandan 5.000m championships in 13:30 (second fastest ever in Uganda) and beating all pre-race favorites like Moses Kipsiro and Geoffrey Kusuro. This victory gave him a spot in the team for the African Junior Championships. He won silver in the 5.000m and was fourth in the 10.000m. In 2015, Abdallah became fifth in the 10.000m at the World Junior Championships even though he was suffering from malaria. Since the beginning of 2016, Abdallah trains at home in Kapchorwa together with World Junior Champion Joshua Cheptegei, who started his international running career competing in TCS World 10k Bengaluru in 2014 finishing 2nd behind Geoffrey Kamworor. Last October Abdallah had a first taste of half marathon running and already in three half marathons he improved from 60:51 to 60:14.

year event rank time
2018 Venloop Half Marathon 3rd 60:14
2018 Barcelona Half Marathon 4th 60:18
2017 Breda Singelloop Half Marathon 2nd 60:51
2017 Tilburg Ten Miles 3rd 45:39
2017 World Cross Championships 16th -
2016 Trento 10km 1st 28:47
2016 African Championships 10.000m 9th 28:21.92
2016 TCS Bangalore 10km 4th 28:46
2016 African Championships Cross 8th -
2015 Corrida de Houilles 10k 3rd 28:20
2015 Leiden 10.000m 2nd 28:12.72
2014 Hemmeromloop 10k 1st 28:38
2014 FBK Games 3000m 11th 7:48.12
2014 World Junior Championships 10.000m 5th 28:53.77
2013 African Junior Championships 5.000m 2nd 13:55.10
Betesfa Getahun

Inspired by Kenenisa Bekele, the young Betesfa picked up running himself in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa back in 2011. Like his hero he first turned his attention to track but soon he changed to road running. In his down time he likes to watch football.

year event rank time
2018 Copenhagen Half Marathon 11th 60:26
2018 Bogota Half Marathon 1st 65:10
2018 World Championships Half Marathon 6th 60:54
2018 Ethiopian Championships Half Marathon 2nd 61:33
2017 World Junior Championships Cross 4th -
2017 Heusden 5.000m 6th 13:13.23
Aron Kifle

Already at a young age Aron had success on the international scene. In his first international year, 2015, he managed to qualify for both the World Championships and African Games. His first significant successes came in 2016 winning medals at both the World Junior Championships as well as the African Junior Championships. Aron made his half marathon debut last March in Valencia finishing 3rd.

year event rank time
2018 Lausanne Diamond League 5.000m 8th 13:07.59
2018 Huelva 5.000m 2nd 13:09.06
2018 World Championships Half Marathon 3rd 60:31
2017 World Championships 10.000m 11th 27:09.92NJR
2017 World Championships 5.000m 7th 13:36.91
2017 World Championships Cross Country 5th -
2016 World Junior Championships 10.000m 2nd 27:26.20
2016 African Junior Championships Cross 3rd -
Aweke Ayalew

Ethiopian born Aweke Ayalew represents Bahrain since 2013. He went to various championships for Bahrain winning a medal at the Asian Championships Cross in 2016. In the spring of 2018 he came 11th at the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships in Valencia.

year event rank time
2018 Cherry Blossom 10EM 2nd 46:22
2018 World Half Marathon Championships 11th 61:09
2017 Barcelona 5.000m 6th 13:16.16
2017 World Cross Championships 24th -
2016 Asian Championships Cross 3rd -
2013 Rabat 5.000m 2nd 13:05.00
Hagos Gebrhiwet

Frustrated by injuries the past season Hagos made a strong comeback this summer. The crown on his season without a doubt was his 12.45 clocking in Brussels last August placing him 5th in the all-time rankings over 5.000m in history. The multiple World and Olympic medalist is making his first step to the longer distance in Delhi and will be one to watch.

year event rank time
2018 Brussels Diamond League 5.000m 2nd 12:45.82
2018 BAA Boston 5km 1st 13:42
2018 World Indoor Championships 3.000m 4th 8:15.76
2016 Olympic Games 5.000m 3rd 13:04.35
2016 Boston Games 5.000m 2nd 13:00.20
2015 Brussels Diamond League 5.000m 2nd 12:54.70
2015 World Championships 5.000m 3rd 13:51.86
2014 World Indoor Championships 3.000m 5th 7:56.34
2013 World Junior Cross Championships 1st 12:54.70
2013 World Championship 5.000m 2nd 13:27.26
2012 Olympic Games 5.000m 11th 13:49.59
2012 African Junior Championships Cross 4th -
2011 World Youth Championships 3.000m 5th 7:45.11

Elite Athlete (Women) Airtel Delhi Half Marathon

Tirunesh Dibaba

Nicknamed “babyface killer”, Tirunesh made fame through the years competing on the track over 5000m, 10.000m and cross. Tirunesh won 3 Olympic Golds, 9 World Titles and another 3 Silver and 3 Bronze medals. Besides that she set various WR as well as NR. In 2014 she made her marathon debut finishing 3rd in the highly competitive London Marathon.

year event rank time
2018 Berlin Marathon 3rd 2:18:55
2017 Chicago Marathon 1st 2:18:31
2017 World Championships 10.000m 2nd 31:02.69
2017 London Marathon 2nd 2:17:56
2017 RAK Half Marathon 5th 66:50
2016 Olympic Games 10.000m 3rd 29:42.56
2013 World Championships 10.000m 1st 30:43.35
2012 Olympic Games 10.000m 1st 30:20.75
2012 Olympic Games 5.000m 3rd 15:05.15
2010 African Championships 10.000m 1st 31:51.39
2008 Olympic Games 10.000m 1st 29:54.66
2008 Olympic Games 5.000m 1st 15:41.40
2008 World Cross Championships 1st -
2008 African Championships 10.000m 1st 32:49.08
2011 World Youth Championships 3.000m 3rd 8:58.63
Joyciline Jepkosgei

Joyciline’s star rose quickly she made her international debut in 2016 in Karlovy Vary half marathon in Czech Republic, a race she won in 69.07. She went on to win the classic Marseille-Cassis 20km race on a hilly course where she broke the CR. A year later she went on to finish 3rd in the highly competitive RAK Half marathon in a race where her compatriot Peres Jepchirchir won and broke the WR for half marathon. Something which Jepkosgei did on three occasions herself in 2017. She first set a new WR over half marathon in April 2017 in Prague, where she would return in September that year to set a new WR over 10km. She broke the WR for half marathon for a 2nd time in Valencia in October during the half marathon.

year event rank time
2018 Great North Run Half Marathon 3rd 68:10
2018 Great Manchester Run 10km 2nd 31:57
2018 World Half Marathon Championships 2nd 66:54
2018 RAK Half Marathon 5th 66:46
2017 Valencia Half Marathon 1st 64:51 WR
2017 Prague 10km 1st 29:43 WR
2017 Prague Half Marathon 1st 64:52
2016 Marseille – Cassis 20km 1st 67:02
2016 African Championships 10.000m 3rd 31:28,28
2016 Kenyan Championships 10.000m 3rd 32:35,82
Ababel Yeshaneh

Ababel Yeshaneh is an allround athlete who combines track and road races. She has represented Ethiopia at the 2013 World Championships in the 10.000m and at the 2016 Olympic Games in the 5000m. Early this year she set a personal best over the half marathon distance in Turkey where she ran 69:36. Last year in the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon Ababel came a strong 2nd in a competitive race.

year event rank time
2018 Copenhagen Half Marathon 2nd 65:46
2018 Yangzhou Half Marathon 1st 69:06
2018 Istanbul Half Marathon 1st 66:22
2017 Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2nd 67:21
2017 Lisbon Half Marathon 6th 70:13
2017 Yangzhou Half Marathon 2nd 70:38
2016 Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2nd 67:52
2016 Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro 14th 15:18.26
2016 Diamond League Rabat 5th 14:41.58
2016 Adana Half Marathon 1st 69:36
2015 Doha Half Marathon 1st 71:11
2014 Lisbon Half Marathon 4th 72:11
2013 World Championships 10.000m 9th 32:02.09
2013 Ostrava 10.000m 4th 30:35.91
2011 Milano Stramilano 1st 69:54
Worknesh Degefa

Worknesh Degefa is specialized in the half marathon and is very competitive over this distance. She has an impressive career so far, as she has been running 25 half marathon in the past four years, and finished 18 times in top three position. She set her personal best of 66:14 last year in Prague and continued to win in Delhi. In 2017 this year she made her marathon debut on the fast and flat course of Dubai, and she stormed to victory in 2:22:36!

year event rank time
2018 Prague Half Marathon 3rd 68:10
2018 Dubai Marathon 4th 2:19:53
2017 Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 5th 68:10
2017 Olomouc Half Marathon 1st 69:19
2017 TCS Bangalore 10k 2nd 32:00
2017 Dubai Marathon 1st 2:22:36
2016 New Delhi Half Marathon 1st 67:42
2016 Prague Half Marathon 2nd 66:14
2016 Rome-Ostia Half Marathon 1st 67:08
2015 All-Africa Games Half Marathon 2nd 72:42
2015 Prague Half Marathon 1st 67:14
2015 Göteborg Half Marathon 1st 68:13
2014 Lisbon Half Marathon 1st 68:46
2014 Göteborg Half Marathon 1st 70:12
2013 Yangzhou Half Marathon 1st 68:43
Zeineba Yimer

Zeineba comes from Wollo, a place 400km north of Addis Abeba. Zeineba started running at the age of 5 and later, after moving to Addis, further developed as an elite runner. Like many Ethiopian athletes Zeineba was inspired by Kenenisa Bekele to start running. After winning the Ethiopian trials in January 2018, Zeineba went on to take a fifth place at the World Half Marathon Championships in a new PB of 1:08:07. She improved on this performance last month by finishing 4th in the Copenhagen Half Marathon running 66:21.

year event rank time
2018 Copenhagen Half Marathon 4th 66:21
2018 TCS Bengaluru 10km 6th 32:47
2018 World Championships Half Marathon 5th 68:07
2018 Ethiopian Championships Half Marathon 1st 70:24
2018 Egmond Half Marathon 1st 72:19
2017 Cardiff Half Marathon 4th 71:31
2017 World Junior Championships Cross 10th -
Tejitu Daba

Ethiopian born Tejitu Daba competes for Bahrain and has won several medals at Asian championships for Bahrain. She ran 3000m, 5000m and 10.000m on the track for some years and made her road running debut in the 2015 TCS World 10k in Bangalore. This was the start of her road running career. She showed a good progression in 2017, running a personal best of 68:21 in the half marathon, followed by her marathon debut in Amsterdam.

Tejitu started running when she was inspired, she heard about the Dibabe sisters on the radio which inspired her to start running. Tirunesh Dibaba is her biggest example. Besides running, she likes to watch football. Tejitu is married to 2:05 marathoner Abera Kuma.

year event rank time
2018 Beijing Marathon 4th 2:28:50
2018 Barcelona Half Marathon 1st 68:36
2017 Amsterdam Marathon 8th 2:31:32
2017 Lille Half Marathon 3rd 68:21
2017 Madrid Half Marathon 1st 71:29
2016 Dam tot Damloop 10 miles 2nd 52:34
2014 Bilbao 3000m 1st 8:52.24
2013 FBK Games 5000m 9th 15:08.11
2013 Asian Championships 5000m 3rd -
2013 World Cross Country Championships 8th -
2012 Asian Indoor Championships 3000m 3rd -
2011 Pan-Arab Games 10.000m 1st -
2011 Asian Championships 5000m 1st -
Stacy Ndiwa

Under the guidens of Italian coach Gabriele Nicola, Stacy this year developed really well snatching two major medals in both the Commonwealth Games and African Championships. She had a baby in 2015 which took her out of competing internationally for most of 2015 and the whole of 2016.

year event rank time
2018 African Championships 10.000m 1st 31:31.17
2018 Commonwealth Games 10.000m 2nd 31:46.36
2018 African Championships Cross 4th -
2017 Usti Nad Labem Half Marathon 4th 69:09
2017 Corrida de Houilles 10km 1st 31:35
2015 World Cross Championships 5th -
2014 Brussels Diamond League 3.000m 7th 8:30.54
2014 Luanda 10km 1st 32:20
2011 African Junior Championships 1.500m 3rd -
Failuna Matanga

Failuna has run many races in Brazil, and took victories in the Sao Paulo 10k, Rio de Janeiro Corida de Sao Sebastiao, Belo Horizonte half marathon and the Sao Paulo half marathon. In 2017 she finished 16th at the World Cross Country Championships in Kampala.

Failuna comes from the same region in Tanzania as 2017 Mumbai winner Alphonce Simbu.

year event rank time
2018 Cape Town Marathon 2nd 2:29:59
2018 Commonwealth Games 10.000m 12th 32:22.09
2018 Barcelona Half Marathon 5th 69:36
2017 Kolkata 25km 3rd 1:26:11
2017 World Championships 10.000m 23rd 32:29.97
2017 FBK Games Hengelo 10.000m 9th 31:47.37
2017 TCS Bengalore 10km 7th 33:32
2017 World Cross Country Championships 16th -
2016 Santos Tribuna 10k 2nd 32:48
2016 Rio de Janeiro 10k 1st 33:59
2015 Sao Paulo 10k 1st 34:00
2015 Belo Horizonte Half Marathon 1st 74:00
Senbere Teferi

Senberi is a big soccer fan. Her husband is a former 100m/200m sprinter from Ethiopia. At the moment Senberi is building her dream home in Addis Ababa, a project which is hopefully done in the next two years. Over the past years she has always been a factor in track and field, now she is making her debut at the half marathon distance after making her marathon debut earlier this year.

year event rank time
2018 Continental Cup 3.000m 2nd 8:32.49
2018 Zurich Diamond League 5.000m 3rd 14:40.97
2018 African Championships 5.000m 2nd 15:54.48
2018 Rabat Diamond League 5.000m 4th 14:23.33
2018 TCS Bengaluru 10km 2nd 31:22
2018 Dubai Marathon 9th 2:24:11
2017 Tilburg Ladies 10km 1st 30:38
2017 FBK Games Hengelo 2nd 30:41.68
2017 World Championships 5.000m 4th 14:47.45
2016 Olympic Games Rio 5.000m 5th 14:43.75
2016 Ethiopian Olympic Trials 10.000m 6th 30:40.59
2015 World Cross Country Championships 2nd -
2015 World Championships 5.000m 2nd 14:44.07
2012 World Junior Championships 1.500m 3rd 4:08.28
2011 World Youth Championships 1.500m 2nd 4:10.54
Tsehay Gemechu

Tsehay started competitive running in 2014 in Ethiopia. She made her European debut last year in 2017 running the Paderborn Osterlauf 10km. This year she made a lot of progression over 10km and now turns her attention to the longer distances on the road. Her 31.07 from Tilburg last month ranks her 7th in the current 10km world rankings for 2018 and first non-Kenyan.

year event rank time
2018 Tilburg Ladies 10km 2nd 31:07
2018 Wiezoloop Wierden 10km 1st 31:53
2018 Oelde Citylauf 10km 2nd 32:14
2017 Paderborn Osterlauf 10km 7th 33:07

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